Reverie Tech a very rare and interesting name for a website but one must be more interested in knowing what the word Reverie basically means? Reverie means an impractical idea, a vision hence we are here to fulfill your dreams and apply such ideas in designing your website that one has not thought of before. We look a “website in every aspect”. Reverie Tech is basically web design and development of the website which provides you with ideas, tips and services to make your website outstanding. We are here for designing, development, Maintenance & Re-Design the websites.

Reverie was founded in March 2012 and is located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We have a smooth working experience of five years.

Reverie Tech is an IT related company providing service of web development and web designing. Nowadays every business needs to have their own website as it is a technology based era now and businesses and long transactions are done on computers. Use of IT has increased in the present years. Thus businesses especially the ones working over internet need to have competitive advantage over their competitors and so we as Reverie are here to solve all your problems and designing great websites. We provide Web Design Package & Price and one can choose from them to use.

Our focus is on providing business and technology solutions. We help our customers by improving their business growth with the aid of IT services and bringing innovations in them through the maximum utilization of new technology emerging day by and day. We specialize in portal development service which helps in building websites with the use of powerful online applications according to the requirements of a business or industry. Reverie offers efficient solutions and tries to use the innovative technology by implementing it for better performance and high quality results.

Since the day we established all of our projects are done with perfection. We make a thorough study of what our customers ask for, plan it wisely and then a systematic approach is taken for its completion. Our clients are our assets so top most priority is given to what they are demanding and hence we make sure that there is no difference between the desired results and the actual output achieved.

There are constant changes in web development and internet solutions. Reverie offers to deliver new solutions so that the clients feel no issues dealing with website’s management and efficient internetworking goes on. Reverie helps you improve the interaction between clients and business partner so that the cost involved reduces and time manages easily.

Internet has just changed the entire business world. E-commerce websites are made on daily basis and that requires you to have an edge over your rivals. This is where Reverie helps you with the guarantee of providing user friendly solutions. Our team of the experts are highly experienced and professionals who work day and night to provide you with latest enterprise applications.

Our Main Focus

Reverie Tech mainly focus on various topics related to IT some of which we define below:


We use wordpress which basically is a software which helps one in creating and making websites more interesting and eye captivating and not only websites but blogs too. We use wordpress as an awesome tool for managing different kinds of sites.


Joomla is a content organization system where you could organize or manage your content according to your own wish. What else would one want? We use Joomla in the most efficient manner to make your website more enhanced.


Reverie uses PHP and MYSQL scripting languages to build database-driven websites. They help in designing and developing websites easily so that the users could manage the content and update it as they like.


Animation tools such as HTML and CSS help in web designing. We at Reverie make use of all the new web designing tools to give your website an entire amazing look.


Javascript is a scripting language also used as web designing tool. It is a special language understood by the computer and which takes logical data and designs your desired website.


Photoshop is the world’s most famous picture editing software. It’s not just software but a whole world for editing pictures as you like. It has so many versions and they are keeping updated with so many varieties that one could not imagine. Photoshop CS4, CS6, Lightroom and likewise other versions. We use photoshop in an effective way to edit images to use in your website. We also use fireworks which is a really good graphics application. We provide internal linking, better vector tools, gradients, better image optimization etc.