Payments Terms We Accept

There are three types of terms of payment that we accept. You can use any one of them according to your desire.

Advance & End (AE)

The “Advance and End” terms include following two payments sets that client has to make.

Upfront payment 60%

First of all we analyze your project requirements and functionality in terms of the work load that we are supposed to perform. After that analytical process, we then finalize work load by calculating and converting it in to the cost that it requires. When the deal has been done, Client must pay 60% of the overall payment in advance!

End of project 40%

Upon the completion of project, when all functionalities, bugs and testing will be performed successfully, we will finally upload the website on client’s server, At this point they are required to pay the remaining 40% payment as well.

3 Milestone Payment

1st Milestone

After the finalization of agreement in the light of features and functionalities of the website, Clients will has to release 1st 30% payment, which will be covering 30% of the total cost.

2nd Milestone

The second milestone will be done when the beta version of your website will be uploaded on our demo server to show the client features and functionalities of the website so that he may test everything according to his desire. In this process, every issue will be resolved as per client’s guidelines and website will be ready to go on the client server. When the clients are satisfied and happy with their websites, they are required to release the 50% of total amount.

3rd milestone

The 3rd milestone payment will be made after the website goes live on the client’s server and we send him necessary files as well. Here, full and final payment will be made in the shape of 3rd and last milestone i.e., 20%!

4 Milestone Payment

This payment process comes with four sets of payment. 25 % x 4 = 100%.

1st Milestone

Let’s say, we are done with the deal and everything has been discussed and agreed. Client will have to release 25% payment in advance, So that we will start working on his project.

2nd Milestone

No sooner the beta version of the website will be ready and live at our demo server, Client will have to release the next / 2nd 25% milestone.

3rd Milestone

When the testing and other fixations have been done in the light of client’s guidelines, then Client will have to release the 3rd milestone of 25%.

4th Milestone

Finally! Everything will be done and we will upload the website into the client server. At this step, client will be supposed to release the last / 4th milestone’s 25% payment! And that’s when the win/win game has taken place!

Payments Methods We Accept

Skrill Online Payment System

It is the cheaper way to send and receive money online. Also the payments are convenient and secure and the fees you have to pay are low.

Western Union Payment Transfer

Another easy method of online payments is Western union. You can also use this method to make your payments. Payments procedure depends on your accessibility.

Payoneer Online Payment Process

The tagline says Global payments made easy. Payoneer helps businesses and companies make online payments.


Your privacy is important to Reverie. So here we describe our policy so that you get familiarize with how we collect information and make use of it. Your personal data remains with it and that’s a surety!

What information reverie collects:

We collect identifiable information, like names, postal addresses, email address, etc., which we ask our customers to submit if they volunteer. This information is used only to remain in contact.

Use of the information:

We use your information in order to keep internal record keeping. We will also send promotional emails and other new services we will be providing time to time to keep you updated and also to conduct market surveys to get your views and feedback to make our services better and versatile. Your information will not be given to third parties. We have made every possible procedure to safeguard your identity and our online system secure with passwords.

Use of cookies:

Reverie uses cookies and tracking technology which helps us in keeping the record of the visitors and how they view our website. It also tells us about the browser and operating system. It has nothing to do with personal information.

Changes in terms:

If we make any changes and variations in our policies statement we notify our customers via email and update the website one month before the new changes would be applicable so that you might be given extra time to make your mind about the changes.
If you have any query about the policies please free to Contact us.

Trademarks and copyrights:

Clients must guarantee us that the images, text or any graphics they provide us for web design are owned by them and they have complete right over using such elements.

Complaints procedure:

If you feel any problem or complain with our service you can Contact us with completing the form provided by us and we will resolve the matter as soon as possible.