Reverie offers you web services and solutions to make your world better. Reverie helps the organizations to connect with the people and support communities. Businesses need effective web redesign and development solutions which are easily used and can be managed to be used for demands of future.

Our core competency is Bespoke website or the portal development service where we give users an easy and user friendly way to move along information and services which interests them and they can personalize them as they want. We offer unique and easily manageable services and web design ideas to enhance your web pages. We believe that first impression is the last impression and we know your online presence matters for you a lot.

Reverie intranet and extranet services will help clients in workflow automation, reports on data, collecting online information and managed hosting. Our applications related to such for use of customers are:

  • Web services integration
  • Programming
  • Database engine design
  • Content organization

How can we help you?

We can help you by applying your ideas and tips to a website and make your impractical ideas practical as the name suggest reverie meaning visionary ideas. An interactive and interesting website helps you in plenty of ways:

  • Tells you mission and vision clearly.
  • It helps in getting more and more visitors for you.
  • It also helps in building relationships strong with people who visits your websites.

Our main aim is to provide you with such a website that can be easily be maintained keeping all the newer features coming everyday and which could easily be used by the people when people won’t find difficulty in handling a website. Your website would surely get high ranking. Website designing is also very important for search engine optimization. The more interesting a website is the more visitors it will get. Thus your websites has to be filled with all the tools such as the flash systems and multimedia tools to make your sites look interesting and interactive.Our foremost services would include:

Web design packages with price:

we design your websites according to different packages and you can choose your desired package according to prices which can be afforded by you easily.

Php/mysql website development:

using javascript and dynamic html helps you in creating pretty impressive looking website but then you need to add some real information which actually attracts the viewers. Thus reverie uses php and mysql scripting languages to build database-driven websites.

  • Database engine design and development
  • Site layout and graphics design Programming (HTML/CSS, PHP)
  • Content organization
  • Interface design and implementation
  • Web services integration
  • Decision support system integration
  • Automated messaging to support business processes and work flow
  • Site hosting and application support and maintenance

We offer unique and easily manageable services and web design ideas to enhance your web pages. We believe that first impression is the last impression and we know your online presence matters for you a lot.

CMS Website Development

reverie makes use of the content management service which has made website development a piece of cake. Most of the websites faced downfall due to outdated content but cms easily manages content without depending on the designers of web. We have extensive experience in drupal development and create drupal themes and modules using psd or html.

At reverie we develop wordpress cms solutions in the forms of blogs. We provide wordpress customized themes, widgets, wordpress conversion and other plug-ins.

Our experts at reverie have worked with all versions of joomla and use it perfectly for content management to make your websites look amazing. We provide custom template design, custom modules etc.

Flash/xml Development:

reverie provides services such as usage of multimedia services, flash development and management. Flash website designing is also a useful tool for making your website look interesting and getting more and more traffic. Reverie ensures you for attracting large audience.

Customization of PSD:

we customize psd like no one else does. We help you in customization of psd in a perfect manner which adds to the list of services provided by reverie. These are some of the services provided by us in enhancing your websites. There are a variety of others too.

Our Procedure

we keep our clients at the top priority. Before starting to work on a website we listen to you because we consider you an asset for us. We understand your needs and requirements and what your goals are. We then form a strategy according to which we would work. And then plan our steps according to it. As planning wisely is very important and this is what reverie does for you? We are here to help you with questions, provide training and add extended features to your website that is we help you with maintenance too.