Reverie technology is here for web design and development. One must not forget that first impressions are always the last and your website is like a face for your organization. The first impression for your website will tell people what your business is all about. We are here to help you customize your websites and make them interesting and eye capturing.

As far as website designing and development is concerned we provide you and the corporate data networks using internet consulting. Due to the global market businesses face new challenges nowadays. Reverie has a competitive edge providing internet solutions in domains like:

Corporate portals:

where enterprise knowledge is organized with access to personal presentation.

Automated messaging to support business processes and work flow:

Automation systems which help in daily business operations and its management.

Tools to collaborate:

Forums or the discussion boards and automated messages to keep in touch with the clients and suppliers.

We are not just limited to some kind of website designing but offer a huge range of web design and development to different kinds of websites such as:

  • Commercial website
  • Non-profit organization website
  • School and Educational Websites
  • Newspapers and Publications Websites
  • Personal website
  • Corporate website

Modern look with latest animation (html5/css3/jquery):

We provide an overall new look to your websites using the powerful animation tools such as html5, css3 and jquery. We add so much of the new techniques to your files such as box-shadows with the help of css3 where the data seems to be coming out or sinking of into your website. You can also have text shadows and multiple backgrounds to a single page. We also use jquery javascript library that can be used to build highly interactive web applications.

As a part of reverie we know that people want websites which are beautiful, well organized, enriched with features and are highly usable. As our name suggests we are here to fulfill and make practical the ideas others think are impractical.

An authentic web design:

We provide you with an authentic web design. We are a source of help for people out there who want their website to stand out among their competitors. We have a systematic process for every business and we are here for everyone. No compromise on quality is our motto. Reverie’s web design and development process begins by collecting information about the organization and the work you do. The customization of a website depends upon the type of work they perform for instance a website for fashion related would be different from the corporate websites. Thus we have solutions for everybody. We look at a company’s mission, their goals and achievements and what basically they want to provide people with.
We customize our design services according to needs of the customers. We provide a complete website redesign with a new logo, and many other such features. We promise that the end results would be pleasing to see, easy to use, and filled with variety of interesting features.

Static html website design:

Static html website design is the old one which now seems to be dead. They do not have flash features. Reverie provides you with the content organization and management system to design your websites according to your needs.

Dynamic website design:

Reverie offers dynamic website designing. With dynamic websites you can have facilities like:

  • You can add information, photos and videos anytime without the help of webmaster.
  • You can add new pages for your website’s development.
  • You can easily manage to save time on website’s management.
  • You can have features like podcasting, commenting on forums, newsfeeds, polls, weather boxes, event planners etc.
  • You create member only section and allow member to manage their own pages.
  • You can ask for newsletter subscription and new product notification.

Flash website design:

One of the most interesting web design tool is the flash one and by using the flash website design one can enhance the entire look of their website.

Latest fascinating websites:

What an organization needs most is a website which explains their business to the visitors easily. A good website has certain qualities such as it can be used easily by the people and proper headings and links must be there. They must be designed efficiently. One’s website must convey the mission and vision with authentic and proper ideas as the mission and vision is the soul for every business. For instance joomla provides with templates customization where you could design the purchased templates according to your wish and make them unique.

Web Development

we use powerful tools to develop your website. Not only designing a website for you but we also plan for you when you want a public launch for your website. We just not leave you alone after building a website but we provide proper guidelines to use such tools which people might find difficulty with. For this purpose we have site hosting and application support and maintenance systems to provide a complete overview of how to deal with their websites and make them interesting and updated as they have to keep it maintained once they make it.
We are a whole system to provide a complete package for you in terms of web design and web development. We provide web services integration in which users would know how to integrate a web service which is different from web pages.
we provide web development tools which help people out there in every possible way: